Sit down to a table brimming with style. Longaberger Woven Traditions Vitrified Pottery offers pieces that are as great looking as they are hardworking.  I’ve been using Longaberger Pottery for almost 20 years. We use it EVERY day and LOVE it!  And, in February 2012 ONLY, here’s a SPECIAL ORDER opportunity for Retired Longaberger Pottery – colors and pieces…. Click Here to shop now!  Need a few replacement pieces? How about a few additional pieces? Never heard of Longaberger Pottery?  Now is the time to order!

This special Retired Longaberger Pottery opportunity includes the following retired colors (Feb 2012 ONLY):

  • Eggplant (Purple)
  • Spice (burnt Orange)
  • Classic Blue (Ivory with blue, 4-petal motif design)
  • Heritage Green (Ivory with green, 4-petal motif design)
  • Traditional Red (Ivory with red, 4-petal motif design)
  • Tomato (bright red)
  • Traditional Holly(Ivory with holly and leaf design)
  • Ivy (Hunter Green)


The following INDIVIDUAL pieces are available for all Retired Longaberger Pottery colors (Feb 2012 ONLY):

  • 12 oz. Mug
  • Soup & Salad Bowl (16 oz.)
  • Bread Plate
  • Luncheon Plate
  • Dinner Plate
  • Grandma Bonnie’s Pie Plate
  • NEW! Small Roundabout Casserole with cover (33 oz.)
  • NEW! Medium Roundabout Casserole with cover  (66 oz.)
  • Butter Dish and cover
  • Creamer & Sugar Set
  • Cereal Bowl (26 oz.)

The following Retired Longaberger Pottery pieces are ALSO available in CURRENT colors (Feb 2012 ONLY):

  • Butter Dish and cover
  • Creamer & Sugar Set
  • Cereal Bowl (26 oz.)

All currently offered Longaberger Pottery, including the other items mentioned above, are also available throughout the year.

Longaberger Woven Traditions Pottery is vitrified. This means EVERY piece of this pottery is safe for OVEN, FREEZER, DISHWASHER and MICROWAVE.  The nature, of the clay composition, and glaze, used to produce this pottery, makes it more resistant to cracking, chipping and crazing.

Longaberger Pottery is the number one selling Casual Dinnerware in the US. It is noticeably different in beauty and durability. The glaze also forms a complete seal so that each piece is non-porous.


Retired Longaberger Pottery available Feb 2012

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to provide the best possible service to you, the February special order pottery should be placed through online orders. Shop Now! All items are single pieces unless otherwise noted.  Special Order Pottery will be produced to order and shipped, late July 2012, directly to you. 

If you think you might be ordering products totalling $150 or more, contact me BEFORE placing your order, for information on our host program and how to maximize your spending dollar!

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